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5 Things Christians Are Giving Up For Lent

Ryan Duncan | Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 Things Christians Are Giving Up For Lent

March 5th marks the beginning of Lent, an important time in the Christian calendar that precedes Easter Sunday on April 20. As is tradition, many Christians are giving up bad habits, common behaviors, or small vices in an effort to focus more on Christ during the following month. While Lent is observed predominantly be Catholics, more Christians from other denominations have begun participating in recent years. So, what are most people choosing to set aside? To find out, The Blaze took to the internet with a “2014 Twitter Lent Tracker” in order to discover the top 100 most mentioned words associated with Lent.

Their Top 5 list includes,               

  • Chocolate – 4,853 Tweets
  • Twitter – 4,443 Tweets
  • School – 3,047 Tweets
  • Alcohol – 2,650 Tweets
  • Social Networking – 2,446 Tweets

Some have speculated that the motivation behind these choices is due to the changes in culture over the years. Regardless of what Christians choose to give up though, the fact remains that it is an intimate sacrifice – a show of mourning and repentance – designed to honor God.

*Published 3/5/2014

5 Things Christians Are Giving Up For Lent