14-Year-Old Former Trans Girl Reveals Dangers of Transgenderism for Young People

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, November 10, 2017

14-Year-Old Former Trans Girl Reveals Dangers of Transgenderism for Young People

A 14-year-old girl who began a transition to become a boy is speaking out about the dangers of transgenderism, particularly for young people.

Noor Jontry tells her story in an interview at 4thWaveNow.com. Jontry shares that her exploration of her gender began when she encountered young people online who were transitioning to another gender. She says she realized she wanted to be a boy because she wanted to be “masculine.”

“[B]eing masculine was about feeling safe,” she said.

“I felt like I didn’t want to be in my body. I didn’t like it. It kinda felt like my body wasn’t mine and I wanted a different one,” she continues, also noting that now she believes that a large part of this feeling was simply because she was going through puberty and didn’t know how to cope with the changes in her body.

“I used being trans to try and escape being scared about being small and weak. I thought that if I presented myself as a man I’d be safer,” she revealed.

Ultimately, Noor has come to believe that there are people who are truly transgender, but that most teens and young people who think they are trans are simply confused or going through a time of transition in life.

When asked what she would say to other girls who think they are boys, she replied, “There’s nothing wrong with your body. To be straightforward, you will never be male. You will never have a Y chromosome. You will never have a real penis. Stop hurting yourself. Not wanting to be female doesn’t mean you’re really male. Not wanting to be female makes sense when girls are sexualized before we’re ready to even feel sexual, and when people think we’re weak both intellectually and physically, when people don’t take us seriously, when people tell us to smile and be nice.

You weren’t born in the wrong body because that’s not possible.”


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Publication date: November 11, 2017