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12 Iranian Christians Await Verdict in Recent Trial

Religion Today

12 Iranian Christians Await Verdict in Recent Trial

April 16, 2012

A dozen Christians in Iran who were prosecuted on Easter Sunday are awaiting the verdict in their recent trial, OneNewsNow.com reports. The 12 Christians were put on trial for crimes "against the order," which typically means conversion to Christianity from Islam. According to Jason DeMars of Present Truth Ministries, two of the accused are a pastor and his wife. "This is the second time they were tried for the same crime," DeMars said. "The first time was in Bandar Anzali; this time was in Rasht. Previously, they were acquitted for the crimes, so they were tried again in a different court. [It] seems to me to be an attempt to find an agreeable court to convict them on the charges." Although the pastor and his wife were not charged with apostasy, they were allowed to testify -- which is usually not allowed unless someone is accused of converting from Islam. The verdict is due within two weeks, although it could take longer.