Jesus Only Way to Stop Radical Islam, Former Muslim Says

Chad Groening | AgapePress | Thursday, November 2, 2006

Jesus Only Way to Stop Radical Islam, Former Muslim Says

A former Muslim woman who has dedicated herself to winning Muslims to Christ has traveled to India to witness to that country's large Muslim population.

W.L. Cati recently traveled to an area of northeastern India that is dominated by the country's Muslim minority. The founder and president of Florida-based White Horse Ministry says she plans to speak two to three times a day, carrying the message of the gospel. Christ, says Cati, is the best hope for stopping radical Islam.

"That's the bottom line. Our salvation is their salvation," says the former Muslim. "We need to stop playing patty-cake with them and start giving them the truth and praying that they find Jesus -- because if they don't, we're all going to be wearing the veil soon."

Cati expresses her excitement about witnessing to the large Muslim community in the area -- and says she is expecting tangible results.

"[The area is] full of Muslims. I'm really expecting signs, wonders, and miracles, whatever it takes to bring them into the kingdom," she shares. "So I'm going there, laying my life down for their salvation."

Cati says the group she is traveling with plans to distribute 7,000 copies of the JESUS video in three languages that are spoken in that country. Her ministry's former name was Zennah Ministries.

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