Memorial Day

- Tears at Midnight -

Some time ago I found myself in Washington, D.C,. attending a series of meetings. After spending the entire day and evening inside several buildings, I was eager for some fresh air. What followed would be a night I’d never forget.

Why We Recognize Memorial Day

As you look around the world you see that freedom isn't the natural state of humankind. And that's why we honor those who fought and died for it so we might be free.

The Flags at the Cemetery

Like many Americans, Memorial Day never ceases to move me. It’s the most poignant time of the year for me, maybe because it’s about life, death and remembrance.

Our Heroes: A Memorial Day Tribute

The Skit Guys bring you another heart-warming and inspiring video illustration just in time for Memorial Day. In this clip, a father reminisces about a trip to Washington, D.C., where his son learned the cost of freedom. Download this video at Uploaded by user 'skitguys' on

Memorial Day: Earn Your Life

Especially these days, when Memorial Day seems nothing more than a time for cookouts and swim parties, we cannot be reminded often enough about how great a debt we owe our war dead.

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