Video: Why I Will Risk My Reputation

Jim Daly | President, Focus on the Family | Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Video: Why I Will Risk My Reputation


I had the pleasure of sitting down recently with my friend and colleague, Kim Trobee, to discuss the general principles that I wrote about in my latest book, REFOCUS: Living a Life that Reflects God's Heart. That chat was actually broadcast live on our website. We fielded questions from Focus on the Family's Facebook audience.

The entire interview, which lasted about 30 minutes, can be viewed here:

In the course of the conversation I mentioned to Kim that I was willing to risk my reputation in exchange for something very precious to me.

Tell you what: the first person to correctly post what that "something" is will receive a copy of the book.

Incidentally, John Fuller and I will be talking about the importance of engaging culture with Christ's heart on both today and tomorrow's radio broadcast.

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