Dr. James Emery White

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Dr. James Emery White

The Six Faces of Sloth

We don’t hear about sloth much these days, but it’s a good word, one we ought to get reacquainted with, because it holds a major key to life-change through the power of God.

Religion, Politics...and a Christian Mind

Just hearing the two words, “religion” and “politics,” and the blood pressure rises, doesn’t it? All the more reason to be surprised by a recent Pew Research Center study finding that an increasing number of people actually wish there was more religion in politics. Research points to a “growing appetite” for such things as church-endorsed candidates and other church-state intersections.

Whatever Became of Church? (Part Three)

Beyond being one, holy, catholic and apostolic, local churches were entities that had definition and form, structure and purpose. They were not simply doing "community" in the broadest of senses, much less simply pursuing ministry.

Whatever Became of Church? (Part Two)

The word “parachurch” is built off of two words: “para,” which means “alongside of” and, of course, the word “church.” As conceived, the parachurch is meant to serve “alongside” the church - not in place of the church or in competition with the church.

Whatever Became of Church? (Part One)

With jaw-dropping vigor, ignorance, and at times unblushing gall, increasing sectors of the evangelical world are abandoning two thousand years of ecclesiology; as if the church was some malleable human construct that can be shaped, altered, redefined or even disposed of as desired.

The Class of 2018

Every fall, since 1998, Beloit College has released the Beloit College Mindset List. It provides a list of “cultural touchstones and experiences that have shaped the worldview of students” entering colleges and universities in the fall.

The People Meck Needs

I’ve been very open (and often very loud) in sharing that the mission of Mecklenburg Community Church (Meck) is not about transfer growth. But there is one type of person we long for and who I, personally, pray for.

Books for New Christians

Someone wrote in to ChurchandCulture.org recently, to ask which books were most pivotal to me when I became a new Christian. It was forwarded to me with the note, “Might make a good blog.” I agreed.

Your Pastor and Public Messes

Let’s be clear: as pastors, we’re not supposed to be leading in a way that creates a public mess. The Bible lays out certain qualifications for church leaders, most notably that they have demonstrated capable leadership of their own family.

Meet Generation Z

I’d like to introduce you to Generation Z. Because we need to drop everything and start paying attention to Generation Z, who now constitute 25.9% of the U.S. population.

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