Dr. James Emery White

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Dr. James Emery White

Listening to the Unchurched

Christianity has an image problem. Many of those outside of the Christian faith think Christians no longer represent what Jesus had in mind – that Christianity in our society is not what it was meant to be. Simply put, in the minds of many, modern-day Christianity no longer seems Christian.

A Rule for the Mind

There is an ancient spiritual practice called a “rule,” which can be traced back to the founding of Benedictine monasticism. Penned at the beginning of the sixth century, Benedict wished to write a rule that would help guide monks to holiness. By “rule,” he intended a guide for optimal spiritual formation.

Community, Cause and Corporation

What, exactly, is a church? The truth is that a church is a complex entity that has at least three dimensions: it is a community, a cause and a corporation. And knowing how to focus on each one, not to mention balance them against each other, is one of the most decisive tasks you will ever engage in.

On But Alone

The Net Generation has come of age constantly exposed to computer-based technology. And not only is this transforming our minds, but also the very nature of our relational world. But what does this mean? While we live in a world that is “always on,” the heart of the change to our relational lives is simple: “We spend more time alone than ever before.”

Zero Tolerance

Get a group of pastors together, at least any who have been pastors for very long, and ask them what has caused them the most heartache, the most grief, the most pain and the most discouragement. They’ll say, “People.” This is about the ones who are damaging. And I have one big piece of advice. It might startle you. It may even seem radical. Do what the Bible says to do.

Summer Reading List 2015

Every year, I usually give ten titles as a suggested summer reading list. These are books that either I have read, or plan to. Most are brand new. A few, here and there, may be a year or two older. Either way, they are on the top of my recommended summer reading list.

Men in Crisis

A new book by psychologist Philip Zimbardo argues that technology, online porn, gaming and sedentary jobs are causing terrible damage to the male psyche.

Baptizing Children

A Baptist church in Ohio set off a heated debate when it decided to baptize an infant. Most Baptists would maintain that only those able to make a mature confession of faith should enter the waters. However tThe Southern Baptist Convention – the nation’s largest Protestant denomination – routinely baptizes children age 5 and under. They shouldn’t.

Social Media Suggestions

We all know the two biggest rules for social media: 1) don’t put anything dumb out there for the world to see, and 2) leverage it as much as you can to your advantage. But if you are part of a ministry team, whether staff or volunteer, there’s more to add to the mix that isn’t being talked about very much.


This is a blog that is more confession than admonition. Meaning, I don’t know what I think. It’s about prisons.

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