Dr. James Emery White

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Dr. James Emery White

Changing Directions

One of the key issues for any organization, particularly the church, is not the efficiency of the organization (which is doing things right), but its effectiveness (which is doing the right things). The church must rethink its current processes in order to determine if it will effectively fulfill the Great Commission. As the ancient Chinese proverb says, “If we do not change direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.”

There Can't be Only One Way

The religious landscape of modern American society can be nothing less than bewildering. Religious groups, sects, cults, movements, philosophies and worldviews abound in incredible numbers and diversity. Add to this mix one of the most pervasive, fundamental convictions of contemporary American society: All roads lead to God, and to say that one way is right and all the other ways are wrong is narrow-minded, bigoted and prejudicial.

Summer Reading List 2017

Every year, I offer 10 titles as a suggested summer reading list. These are books that I have either read over the past year or plan to read myself over the summer. Most are brand new. A few, here and there, may be older works that I’m only now discovering myself. They are often a blend of history, fiction, biography and more. Since we’re past Memorial Day, and many of you have already been asking when this annual offering will be… well… offered, here you go.

Dads and Daughters

I’ve been saying it, teaching it, for decades. Men, you have a unique role in the life of your daughter – and, specifically, her future relationships with men. And now the research is out to back it up, thanks to a study published in the journal Developmental Psychology. It has now been established that if a dad is detached, or uninvolved, then his daughter will be more promiscuous.

Sears and the Church

I’ve written recently about what the church can learn from the retail slide into the economic abyss. But an article in the Washington Post, delving into the big missteps that brought American retail icon Sears to the edge of collapse, held too many parallels not to revisit the retail world again in (hopefully) ever enlightening ways.

For Generation Z, Start YouTube-ing It

In my new book, Meet Generation Z, I detail the importance of the visual for Generation Z. In a new survey, Adweek confirmed the pre-existing research and conclusions. The overarching headline that reflects the deeply online nature of their lives and their almost entirely visual orientation is that nearly all of them use YouTube (95%), and half “can’t live without it.”

Slipping Down the Slope

One of the more well-known ideas about cultural change is the “slippery slope.” The notion is that when you take a step down a slippery slope, you are at risk of losing your footing and can end up sliding all the way down. The term is often applied to first steps that seem innocent enough, or at least few would sensationalize, yet they are steps that put you at risk for sliding further than anyone would have envisioned.

How to Become a Better Reader

One of the most frequent questions I get is how to keep up with culture. My stock answer is to read voraciously. Then the follow-up comes: How can I become a better reader?

Five Things Every Leader Must Do

What does a leader do? The answers (and books) are endless. But there are five things every leader must do for the organization they lead, not least of which when it comes to the church.

The Great Danger of Orthodoxy

The Christian faith is known as an orthodox faith. It is appropriately concerned with orthodoxy, meaning “right thinking.” This is often juxtaposed against an emphasis on orthopraxy, meaning “right practice.” And it is precisely these two dynamics – belief and practice – that most define a religious faith.

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