Dr. James Emery White

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Leadership and Social Media

There is a lot of advice out there for the use of social media that usually falls into two categories. But if you are part of a church’s leadership team, whether staff or volunteer, there’s more to add to the mix that isn’t being talked about very much.

Biting into Reality

One of the most important disciplines as a leader is to look the facts in the eye. To own the reality of your situation. Even when it bites.

Paving Paradise

A church, one that really was God’s, dripping with grace toward His sin-soaked children, wouldn’t be just a parking lot.

Read When Discouraged

This is a simple post. When you are discouraged, remember these seven words: There is a God on the loose.

In Google We Trust

Is Google our new “God? ” It’s a question I raised in my book, The Church in an Age of Crisis. But I wasn’t the first to raise it.

The Need for Church Bookstores

With the rise of e-books and self-publishing and the demise of bookstores and back catalogs, the need for Christian bookstores that are well-stocked with vetted titles is staggering.

Confusing Evangelism and Discipleship

The caricature is so tired it’s wearisome to even bring it up, but it’s so prevalent, we must: “If you emphasize evangelism, you must not be doing discipleship.” This is such a patently ridiculous idea it’s almost not worth spending energy to dismiss.

Good Loving Gone Bad (The New Cultural Apologetic)

There is a new cultural apologetic that is fast becoming the go-to argument to ensure affirmation and approval of previously immoral activities. And it is an argument taken straight from the Bible: Love.

A Vision for the Arts

There is a sense where the church used to be the patron of the arts. But somewhere along the line we kind of got screwed up and we began to give the arts back to the world.

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