Dr. James Emery White

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Dr. James Emery White

In My Dream

From the Church & Culture Team: Readers of Dr. White’s blog will surely know of the events that have been taking place in Charlotte, N.C., over the past week. We thought offering an email Dr. White sent out to the church he serves – Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte – would serve others as it served us.

Credible and Authentic

Two of the most pivotal aspects of effective communication are also two of the most overlooked: credibility and authenticity. One of the reasons they are overlooked is because many people don’t know what they represent. Here’s a primer.

Face to Face with Racism

Racism is very, very real to those on its receiving end. The dilemma is how distant it can “feel” to those who are not on its receiving end and, thus, not confronted as vigorously as it should be. This was laid bare in a social experiment where a man (who spoke English) asked strangers in Lithuania to translate a Facebook message he received from Lithuanian to English.

"Students' Broken Moral Compasses"

A recent article in The Atlantic had an arresting title: “Students’ Broken Moral Compasses.” The author, a high-school English teacher, lamented the absence of character education in the classroom. And chronicled its great need.

The Church's Oxygen

It was startling to me (after a recent experience with altitude sickness) how sensitive the human body is to a lack of oxygen in the air we breathe. I have been equally startled by how sensitive the church body is to a lack of what it needs to breathe. What is the oxygen of the church that, if deprived of, would lead to sickness?

Black Fathers Matter

No one should be insensitive to the deep emotions and, often, personal trauma behind much of the #blacklivesmatter movement. Racism is real, and so is injustice. But with equal vigor, we must address what is arguably the most pressing social problem plaguing the black community – and the white and Hispanic communities as well.

Worst Summer Ever?

Today is Labor Day, the unofficial last day of summer. And not just any summer. It’s being called the worst summer in modern history. And for good reason. And I am not optimistic for summers to get much better.

Thank You, University of Chicago

Sometimes, the best thing you can do in a blog is repeat what someone else has written. Or at least spread the word about it. The University of Chicago sent a unique letter to its students at the start of this school year that sent a shock wave through academia. I, for one, stood up and applauded.

Most Popular Message Series

I was recently informed of the (current) bestselling, most listened to series given at Mecklenburg Community Church (Meck), where I have the privilege of serving as Senior Pastor. The person who provided me with this information, the director of our Grounds ministry (our bookstore/cafes at each campus), asked if I might consider writing about why I think they struck such a chord with listeners.

The Convenient Church

I once heard someone make the accusation that churches today are making attending all about convenience. I thought to myself, “And the problem with that is?” What is the alternative? Purposefully making it inconvenient? A new study from the Pew Research Center has revealed just how much convenience actually matters.

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