Dr. James Emery White

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Dr. James Emery White

Knowing vs. Doing

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that we live in a culture full of people who don’t want to feel sick, but aren’t willing to do what it takes to get well. It doesn’t work medically. It doesn’t work ecclesiastically, either.

The TEDucation of the American Mind

I like TED talks. A lot. They are a huge step beyond the usual internet fare which, as many have noted, traffics more in information than wisdom. But they are not, in and of themselves, an education. And far less an ultimate statement on an issue.

Three Ways Meck Could Have Been Much Bigger Than It Is... that I don't regret

As I wrote in the last blog, bigger isn't everything, I know. It's not even always better. But I am from the school of thought that numbers matter because they represent people, and people matter. So how you "get" those numbers matters, too. So here's the second installment: Three ways Meck could have been bigger that I do NOT regret.

Three Ways Meck Could Have Been Much Bigger Than It Is... that I regret

A thought came to me as I reflected on the 24th anniversary of Mecklenburg Community Church that I felt would be worth reflecting openly about. Specifically, the ways Meck could have been bigger that I do regret, and the ways Meck could have been bigger that I do not regret. Consider this part one of that conversation.

Screwtape Writes Again

A significant study that came out earlier this summer revealed that Americans who don’t go to church are more than happy to talk about religion and often think about the meaning of life. But many Christians think they aren’t interested, and that any conversation - any sharing, any invitation - will simply be awkward. And unproductive. So we don’t have those conversations.

Not Burning Out

It happened again. The story circulated of a seemingly good man, without moral failure, resigning from a fast-growing church because he couldn’t handle the emotional collateral. What makes ministry so emotionally hazardous? That’s easy. It all starts with overbuilt expectations.

Halloween Come Early

I confess I have a love for horror movies, particularly the classics, such as "Dracula", the "Wolfman" or "The Creature from the Black Lagoon". Much of the horror on display reveals the fantastical side of men of science playing with God’s creation of human beings. But while these on-screen thrillers might be considered plots of horror, it seems that when brought off the screen into everyday life, we no longer find similar notions quite so horrendous.

In My Dream

From the Church & Culture Team: Readers of Dr. White’s blog will surely know of the events that have been taking place in Charlotte, N.C., over the past week. We thought offering an email Dr. White sent out to the church he serves – Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte – would serve others as it served us.

Credible and Authentic

Two of the most pivotal aspects of effective communication are also two of the most overlooked: credibility and authenticity. One of the reasons they are overlooked is because many people don’t know what they represent. Here’s a primer.

Face to Face with Racism

Racism is very, very real to those on its receiving end. The dilemma is how distant it can “feel” to those who are not on its receiving end and, thus, not confronted as vigorously as it should be. This was laid bare in a social experiment where a man (who spoke English) asked strangers in Lithuania to translate a Facebook message he received from Lithuanian to English.

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