Dr. James Emery White

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Dr. James Emery White

Family or Store?

I can think of two different ways of viewing a church: a family or a store. And it strikes me that these are the two ways that people who attend can view a church.

Counsel from Thirty Years

Today marks the thirtieth anniversary of my wedding to Susan. So what would someone who has been married thirty years tell others who are more on the front end of things?

Blind Spots

Every organization has them. Even ones that pride themselves on how intentionally they try to avoid them. Like Meck. When such areas are exposed, it’s a little embarrassing, but also very appreciated.

The Great Enabler

We all know that the Internet has changed the world. It has put vast amounts of information at our disposal, facilitated communication and given every voice a level playing field. We also know it has a dark side.

When Your Church Isn’t Growing...and it Isn’t a Bad Thing

The typical church is either plateaued or declining. But then comes the next line: “Well, did you know that...” Here’s a new fill-in line: “Well, did you know that it isn’t always a bad thing when a church is plateaued or declining?” It's true.

About Tomorrow (Halloween)

I grew up in a day when Halloween was little more than pumpkins, fall festivals, hayrides, and dressing up as a pirate or a farmer to go trick-or-treating. And while I still hold to the child-like fun the night can hold, I no longer view the day itself as innocent. But it’s not because of the occult.

The Cultural Conundrum

The pastor of a large and influential church was recently asked about his stance on gay marriage. He gave what I thought was a very astute response. But should he be affirmed for his response to the question on gay marriage? Sadly, no.

The Continuing, Staggering Rise of the Nones

In my latest book, The Rise of the Nones: Understanding and Reaching the Religiously Unaffiliated, I charted the meteoric rise of this religious classification in the United States. Well get ready to buckle your seat belt because the crisis is only getting worse.

Answering the “WT*IUWT” Questions

These questions are the heart of what is churning around in the minds of those on the outside-looking-in at the Christian faith. They have so many “WT*IUWT” questions, and the essence of any conversation that might move them down the spiritual road will involve talking about them.

Community 101 (Part Two): Shalom

Shalom is commonly understood to mean “peace” or “health” or “prosperity.” It carries within it the idea of “completeness.” Shalom is the vision of community; it is what community strives to be.

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