Dr. James Emery White

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Dr. James Emery White


The purpose of the ancient monastic movement – the opus Dei – was to create a life of prayer as the “work of God,” that act whereby we “place God upon our heart.” Scripture may be the foundation of the relationship itself, for it is through revelation that this God is named and known, but intimacy with this revealed God is gained through the “presence” that comes in an act of prayer.

First Symbol

If I asked you for the central symbol of the Christian faith, you would understandably say, “the cross.” And perhaps today it is. It wasn’t to the first and earliest Christians.

Emotional Survival Skills

Nothing prepares you for how ministry can drain you emotionally, leaving you in pain or, even worse, feeling numb or in despair or with seething anger. This is why so many good men and women in ministry have careened into moral ditches and many more still soldier on with plastic smiles and burned-out souls.

The Library as Armory

From reading we can gain a sense of the currents shaping the world; from reading we can understand the prevailing worldviews assailing Christianity; from reading we can place ourselves in the vanguard of taking the Word of God to the word of the world.

Seeking the Face of God

The world will only be changed when those who call themselves Christians begin to follow Christ, becoming scandalously present in the world in all of their Christlike particularity.

Safe People

Nothing hurts more than someone you thought was a friend becoming a foe, and attacking you personally. Little did I know that in ministry I could look forward to many relational defections. So, can pastors have friends? Safe ones?

Aligning with the Church

The church is Christ's ongoing incarnation on planet earth. The church is His body, His presence, His life –the means for His ongoing ministry to the world, not simply as the universal body of believers around the world but as concrete communities of faith gathered together in the name of Christ as mission outposts to the world.

Listening to the Unchurched

Christianity has an image problem. Many of those outside of the Christian faith think Christians no longer represent what Jesus had in mind – that Christianity in our society is not what it was meant to be. Simply put, in the minds of many, modern-day Christianity no longer seems Christian.

A Rule for the Mind

There is an ancient spiritual practice called a “rule,” which can be traced back to the founding of Benedictine monasticism. Penned at the beginning of the sixth century, Benedict wished to write a rule that would help guide monks to holiness. By “rule,” he intended a guide for optimal spiritual formation.

Community, Cause and Corporation

What, exactly, is a church? The truth is that a church is a complex entity that has at least three dimensions: it is a community, a cause and a corporation. And knowing how to focus on each one, not to mention balance them against each other, is one of the most decisive tasks you will ever engage in.

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