Dr. James Emery White

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Dr. James Emery White

Theology Matters

On the church and culture front, it’s an old story: Mainline churches in the U.S. and Canada are in decline, evangelical and charismatic churches are on the rise. The deeper truth lies in… well, truth. A new study has confirmed the thesis that conservative churches are growing because they are conservative.

A Post-Truth World

Oxford's 2016 Word of the Year has just been announced, and it is very reflective of our day: "Post-Truth." It is defined as an adjective relating to "circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than emotional appeals."

Thankful for the Fleas (2016)

*Editorial note: This blog is a favorite of the ChurchAndCulture.org team, and has become a Thanksgiving tradition. Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Christmas in Emoji

There are many strategies needed for the church to have an open “front door” – to help those who were previously unchurched to come and feel not only welcomed, but connected. In reaching the culture today it is clear that the church needs to be focused on a key element of this: Be visual.

The Muslim Woman Who Voted for Trump

The words almost seem comical: “I’m a Muslim, a woman and an immigrant. I voted for Trump.” And she wrote an op-ed about it for the Washington Post. And through it, a lesson can be learned for all of us – regardless how we voted.

The Old Books

The New York Times recently ran an article on the twelve books everyone should read in their twenties. It was a thoroughly “New York Times” kind of list. Their list, as many lists are, was thought-provoking. But where were the old books?

Translating Your Music

Many pastors work hard at communicating their sermons in language that post-Christian people can understand. Most churches are careful with the language on their websites. But there’s one area that is notoriously overlooked. The music.

A Presidential Prayer (2016)

This letter was first offered in a blog before the 2008 election. The Church & Culture team thought it fitting for today. We made a small modification or two in light of the current election.

What Really Keeps Pastors Awake at Night

A recent cover story in the Harvard Business Review was titled, “What Really Keeps CEOs Awake at Night.” The article explored such things as brand building, executive pay and managing Millennials. It made me wonder about a similar question for my field: “What really keeps pastors awake at night?”

About Today (Halloween) 2016

I grew up in a day when Halloween was little more than pumpkins, fall festivals, hayrides and dressing up as a pirate or a farmer to go trick-or-treating. And that’s also what it was like for my (now) very post-Halloween-age children. And while I still hold to the childlike fun the night can hold, I no longer view the day itself as innocent. But it’s not for the reason you may think.

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