Dr. James Emery White

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Dr. James Emery White


If someone is marked by valor, it means they bear the marks of strength, courage and bravery. When facing challenges and adversity, they go forward with confidence. Christians need more valor today.

What Every Christian Should Know

Beyond the gospels, the importance of a core of knowledge is why God gave us the rest of the Scriptures He did. So the starting point of our education, or commitment to learning, is biblical literacy.

The Soundtrack to Their Life

I am currently teaching a series on parenting at the church I have the privilege of serving as pastor. In one of the installments, I challenged them that “before you let your child be exposed to, or experience, anything related to media, you need to know what they’re being exposed to."

We Are Strong

The rise of the "nones" is just the latest manifestation of a cultural trajectory we've been on and that I've been charting for some time. But I am grateful. Why? Because I pray it will be the desperately needed wake-up call for American Christianity.


How should churches position themselves, optimally, to reach the nones? How do you “open the front door” of your church to someone you have invited who may actually come? Obviously, you must convey grace and truth through the message, but there is so much more. Beginning with something as simple as friendliness.

The Importance for Churches to Focus on the Visual

There are many strategies needed for the church to have an open “front door” – to help those who were previously unchurched to come, and feel not only welcomed but to feel connected. In reaching the culture today it is clear that the church needs to be focused on a key element of this: be visual.

A Tale of Two Lives

Early in his life, Billy Graham wrestled with whether or not he was going to embrace the Bible as the inspired, revealed Word of God and therefore the ultimate truth-source for his life, or view it through eyes that dismissed it as a fallible, unreliable book of merely human insight. He had a friend named Chuck Templeton at the time, who was facing the same decision.

New Words

There are lots of ways to track with the fast-changing nature of culture. Film, music, apps … all reflect the essence of how we relate to one another, describe our world, and act within it. But perhaps the most foundational medium of all is the simplest.

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