Uruguay Close to Legalizing Abortion

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Uruguay Close to Legalizing Abortion

Uruguay could soon become the second Latin American country to legalize abortion, CBN News reports. Legislators in the Chamber of Deputies decided just before midnight on Tuesday to narrowly approve an updated abortion bill by a 50-49 vote. The new legislation would give women the right to a legal abortion during the first trimester and would decriminalize late-term abortions if the mother's life was at risk or if the fetus would not survive after birth. The changes to the legislation include a requirement that women seeking abortions justify their request before a panel of at least three professionals: a gynecologist, psychologist and social worker. Women will also be required to get advice on abortion alternatives and wait five days to "reflect" on the consequences of the procedure. The Senate will now take up the issue, and President Jose Mujica says he will allow the measure to become law if the Senate approves the changes, which are expected to pass. Cuba is the only other country in the region to allow abortions during the first trimester.


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