UNC Agrees to Recognize Christian Club as Religious Group

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UNC Agrees to Recognize Christian Club as Religious Group

The University of North Carolina-Greensboro has agreed to officially recognize a Christian student group and make clear that its policies permit campus religious groups to select members and leaders who share their beliefs, Charisma News reports. The university originally required the group to allow non-Christians to become members -- and even hold leadership positions -- in order to get official recognition on campus, and school officials had claimed the Christian group was not "religious" and therefore did not qualify for an exemption granted to other religious student groups. The Alliance Defense Fund filed a suit against the university, which has now been dismissed. "Saying that a Christian club isn't religious is not only absurd, it also means the government is playing theologian, which it is not constitutionally permitted to do," said ADF legal counsel Jeremy Tedesco. "The university has done the right thing in recognizing this club and clarifying that the university's religious policies permit religious and other belief-based student groups to be led by those who agree with their beliefs."


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