UK Graphic Designer Refused Job Because of Christian Faith

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UK Graphic Designer Refused Job Because of Christian Faith

A graphic designer in the United Kingdom is suing a hotel after claiming he was turned down for a job there because he is a Christian, WORLD News Service reports. Jamie Haxby said he felt "victimized and persecuted" when Celie Parker, manager of Prested Hall Hotel, "apologized for inviting him to the interview after discovering he was a committed Christian," according to the British newspaper The Daily Mail. Haxby said Parker told him his presence might upset atheists working in the hotel. The Daily Mail says this case "is unprecedented because Mr. Haxby apparently faced discrimination merely on the basis of his beliefs rather than his actions, such as wearing a cross." Haxby said his portfolio contained designs for flyers he had done for his church, as well as a T-shirt for a Christian charity. Until then, he said, "everything was going well, and I felt happy with how the interview was progressing. Celie made several comments about the high standard of my work and how talented I was."


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