Tebow Listed as America's Favorite Pro Athlete

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Tebow Listed as America's Favorite Pro Athlete

January 13, 2012

According to the monthly ESPN Sports Poll, Denver Broncos quarterback and devout Christian Tim Tebow is now America's favorite active pro athlete. In the 18 years of the poll, only 11 different athletes have been No. 1, including Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and LeBron James, and nobody has been No. 1 so soon after the start of their professional career. Former NFL quarterback Fran Tarkenton wrote in the Wall Street Journal: "... Isn't it refreshing that the chatter around the NFL is about a great athlete with great character who says and does all the right things and is a relentless leader for his team -- and not about more arrests and bad behavior from our presumptive 'heroes'? Tim Tebow is the story of this football season, and a great story it is."


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