Target Blocks Group's Emails Complaining About Gay Pride Shirts

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Target Blocks Group's Emails Complaining About Gay Pride Shirts

According to the Christian Post, Target has blocked emails from the conservative American Family Association (AFA) after its supporters began urging the retailer to pull its collection of gay pride T-shirts. Target has partnered with the Family Equality Council and is currently supporting the LGBT group with 100 percent of the profits it receives through the pro-gay T-shirts, which are on sale throughout the month of June in conjunction with LGBT Pride Month. Designed by musician Gwen Stefani, the shirts feature rainbows and slogans such as "Harmony," "Pride," and "Love is Love." Half of the 10 designs featured online are already out of stock. When Target began selling the shirts in late May, the AFA sent an alert to supports, asking them to let Target "know that a majority of Americans oppose same-sex marriage and are able to use their pocketbooks to voice their opposition to companies that support it." In a recent update, AFA stated that "Target is blocking emails from the AFA Action Alert system" and asked supporters to contact the retailer though other means: "I hope you will not let Target silence your voice. I encourage you to call their corporate office and share your personal thoughts."


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