Taliban Targets Another Girl in Pakistan

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Taliban Targets Another Girl in Pakistan

The Taliban is targeting a second young girl in Pakistan known for her women's-rights activism and pro-education stance, CBN News reports. Hina Khan, 16, returned home from school this week to find a red "X" painted on the gate of her family's home, then her mother received a phone call warning her that her daughter was the Taliban's next target. Just two weeks ago, Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai, a blogger and activist who spoke out for women's education, was shot on a school bus on her way home from school. She survived the attack and is recovering in a hospital in Britain, but the Taliban has threatened to finish their job and kill her. Both Khan and Yousafzai are originally from Pakistan's Swat Valley, an area that was under complete Taliban control for years. Locals say terrorist cells are reactivating their network in the valley, taking advantage of the U.S. military's decision to withdraw forces.


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