Syria Rebels Behead Christian, Feed Him to Dogs as Fears Grow Over Islamist Atrocities

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Syria Rebels Behead Christian, Feed Him to Dogs as Fears Grow Over Islamist Atrocities

Syrian rebels beheaded a Christian man and fed his body to dogs, according to a nun who says the West is ignoring atrocities committed by Islamic extremists, ASSIST News Service reports. According to Britain's Daily Mail, Sister Agnes-Miriam de la Croix said taxi driver Andrei Arbashe, 38, was kidnapped after his brother was heard complaining that fighters against the ruling regime behaved like bandits. She said his headless corpse was found by the side of the road, surrounded by hungry dogs. He had recently married and was soon to be a father. "His only crime was his brother criticized the rebels, accusing them of acting like bandits, which is what they are," Sister Agnes-Miriam said. According to the Daily Mail, there have been a growing number of accounts of atrocities carried out by rogue elements of the Syrian Free Army, which opposes Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and is recognized by the West as the legitimate leadership. "The free and democratic world is supporting extremists," Sister Agnes-Miriam said. "They want to impose sharia law and create an Islamic state in Syria. ... The uprising has been hijacked by Islamist mercenaries who are more interested in fighting a holy war than in changing the government. It has turned into a sectarian conflict -- one in which Christians are paying a high price." An estimated 300,000 Syrian Christians have been displaced in the conflict, with 80,000 forced out of the Homs area alone. Many have fled abroad, raising fears that Syria's Christian community may vanish like others across the Middle East. Since the uprising against the Assad regime began in March 2011, some 60,000 have been killed.


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