Swing Voters Dismayed by Obama's Abortion Record

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Swing Voters Dismayed by Obama's Abortion Record

The Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) released poll data Sept. 26 showing that 54 percent of swing voters say they're less likely to vote for President Obama after learning he opposes laws protecting babies who are born alive in abortion clinics, WORLD News Service reports. The poll, conducted by the polling company inc./WomenTrend, shows 69 percent of swing voters also reject the new federal mandate requiring business owners to cover contraceptives and potential abortion-inducing drugs under their insurance plans. "We are really encouraged by the results," SBA List communications director Mallory Quigley told CitizenLink. "We're going to use [them] to educate voters leading up to the election." The data indicates that once people learn about Obama's history regarding taxpayer funding of abortions, they are most likely to turn away from him, she said. That information could prove critical in a tight race: The Committee of Justice predicts that should Obama be re-elected, he will likely be able to appoint at least one replacement for a retiring conservative justice on the U.S. Supreme Court -- potentially tipping the balance of its makeup to the far left.


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