Support Faltering for Gay Marriage Bill in France

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Support Faltering for Gay Marriage Bill in France

Polls in France indicate support is failing for a proposed law that would legalize marriage and adoption for same-sex couples, CBN News reports. The country's Catholic majority is becoming increasingly vocal about its opposition to the bill, and other religious leaders are speaking out as well. Christian Democrat Party leader Christine Boutin said she was concerned the law would lead to further moral decline: "[Back in 1998] I said that civil unions would lead to gay marriage. Everyone said: 'Never. Not at all!' [But] it's just the natural direction. The logic of the situation is that if we've got marriage [for all], we'll move toward polygamy. Why is it so shocking to predict this?" French president Francois Holland plans to introduce the proposed law Wednesday. If it passes, France will become the 12th country to legalize gay marriage and the 14th to allow gay adoption.


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