Study Says Kids Raised by Same-Sex Couples Suffer

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Study Says Kids Raised by Same-Sex Couples Suffer

A key pillar in the propaganda of pro-homosexual activists is that children raised by same-sex couples do as well in life as those raised by opposite-sex parents. That notion took a direct hit from a study published by the Review of Economics of the Household, WORLD reports. The study says, among other things, that Canadian children living with same-sex parents were only 65 percent as likely to graduate from high school as those living in opposite-sex families. According to the study, "daughters of same-sex parents do considerably worse than sons." The study, done with 2006 census data, is perhaps the largest of its kind. According to the study's publisher, the "large random sample allows for control of parental marital status [and] distinguishes between gay and lesbian families." They say it is "large enough to evaluate differences in gender between parents and children."


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