Somali Muslims Cut, Beat Christian Unconscious in Kenya

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Somali Muslims Cut, Beat Christian Unconscious in Kenya

A Somali Christian in Kenya is nursing injuries after young Muslim men from his country beat him with iron rods and wooden clubs, then left him unconscious and naked at a church doorway, Compass Direct News reports. Hassan, a 25-year-old refugee from Somalia who has been a Christian since age 7, says he was beaten because Muslims regarded him as "an apostate deserving of death." Police have arrested two of his attackers, but four are still on the loose. Hassan and his mother, a convert from Islam, fear justice will not be done because of area hatred for "apostates," and they said they are considering relocating with their other eight family members. "In spite of what happened, I don't feel I'm losing my Christian faith," Hassan said. "I still need to fight for the Christian faith, in spite of what I'm feeling now."


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