School Tells Child She Can't Write About God

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School Tells Child She Can't Write About God

A Tennessee mom is looking for answers after her daughter's teacher refused to let the child write about God for a school assignment, Fox News reports. Erin Shead, a 10-year-old student at Lucy Elementary School in Millington, was assigned to write about someone she idolized. Erin decided to write about God. "I look up to God," she wrote. "I love him and Jesus, and Jesus is His earthly son. I also love Jesus." Erin also wrote that God would "always be the #1 person I look up to." But Erin's mom, Erica Shead, said her daughter's teacher objected to the choice and told her she could not use God as an idol for the assignment. The teacher then allegedly told Erin she had to take the paper about God home because it couldn't remain on school property. The teacher approved of Erin's second choice -- Michael Jackson. Shead said she met with the principal and still has questions about what happened. Christian Ross, a spokesman for Shelby County Schools, told Fox News "teachers are prohibited from promoting religious beliefs in the classroom." He added: "This incident has been addressed at the school level, and the principal has contacted parents of the student regarding their concerns. Out of respect for and in order to protect the privacy of individual students and staff, the district is not commenting further on this matter."


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