Relief Teams Rush Aid to China Quake Survivors

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Relief Teams Rush Aid to China Quake Survivors

Rescuers and relief teams are rushing supplies to rural provinces in China after a deadly earthquake over the weekend, CBN News reports. The 7.0 quake struck parts of Sichuan province Saturday morning, killing at least 188 people and injuring more than 11,000. The quake triggered landslides, cutting off roads and disrupting phone and power connections in the mountainous region. The Chinese Red Cross has deployed relief teams with food, water and medicine, and rescuers are still struggling to find survivors. "We are searching in a method called 'dragnet,'" said Chen Xiuyu, company commander of the Chengdu military region. "The method means we will search every village, every house, and will never give up trying to save the life of every resident." The quake was among the deadliest China has seen in the past three years.


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