Pro-Life Student Sues LSU for Restricting Free Speech

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Pro-Life Student Sues LSU for Restricting Free Speech

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed a lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of a student who found her right to distribute pro-life literature restricted by Louisiana State University, WORLD News Service reports. The student wanted to distribute material as part of October’s Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity, but LSU officials said she could do so only in the school’s "Free Speech Alley" -- an approximately 1,000-square-foot area of the 650-acre campus. According to ADP legal counsel Matt Sharp, "By limiting the distribution of material and free speech to less than 1 percent of the campus, Louisiana State University is violating the constitutionally protected freedoms of students who should be free to express themselves on the sidewalks and open spaces at the university." Many colleges have these so-called "free speech" areas, so if Sharp and his client win this case, it could have implications for free speech areas on campuses all across the country.


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