President Morsi Denies Christian Persecution in Egypt

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President Morsi Denies Christian Persecution in Egypt

Amid eyewitness accounts and reports that Coptic Christians are leaving their homes after threats from Muslim radicals, Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi has denied that there is persecution against Christians in the country, International Christian Concern reports. According to, an Egyptian citizen in Cairo who asked to remain anonymous for security purposes says the denial is because of how Morsi defines persecution: "Morsi denies outright the Copts are persecuted in Egypt. Morsi is not lying because he sincerely believes what he is saying. The Western definition of persecution differs to Morsi's understanding of persecution because Morsi is following the Islamic meaning. ... As a member of the Brotherhood, Morsi subscribes to the Islamic tenets of treating non-Muslims as second-class citizens. They must be subdued, they are not equal with Muslims, they do not enjoy equal status with Muslims. They are fair game. Islam teaches this is not persecution. ... At the end of the day Morsi is telling us this is not persecution." The Cairo citizen believes Copts will see no change in their status or situation: "Morsi believes that nothing needs to change, so nothing will change. The status quo will remain and persecution of the Copts as taught in Islam will continue under Muslim Brotherhood rule."


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