Planned Parenthood of Delaware Accused of Unsafe Conditions

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Planned Parenthood of Delaware Accused of Unsafe Conditions

Two former workers from Planned Parenthood of Delaware say the Wilmington abortion center’s unsanitary and unsafe conditions put women at risk, WORLD reports. In an interview, Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich and Joyce Vasikonis described soiled operating tables not cleaned between patients and abortionists who refused to wear gloves. The women, who are registered nurses, quit their jobs to protect their medical licenses. Both women said the Planned Parenthood facility should be closed. According to the local ABC news affiliate, the abortion providers in Delaware do not undergo routine inspections because the Delaware Department of Health does not have enough manpower.  However, the agency does respond to complaints, and did tour the Planned Parenthood facility in October after a patient called. Mary Peterson, who works for Delaware’s health department, said inspectors did not find any evidence during the inspection to support the nurses’ claims. In spite of this, five patients have been rushed from the facility to a nearby hospital since the beginning of the year, something Peterson said state officials would be looking at more closely.


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