Former Planned Parenthood Employees Describe Delaware Abortion Centers

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Former Planned Parenthood Employees Describe Delaware Abortion Centers

On May 29, two former employees of the nation's largest abortion provider testified before state lawmakers in Delaware, WORLD reports. A pair of pro-abortion nurses, Joyce Vasikonis and Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich, explained to a bipartisan panel in vivid detail the "meat market-style assembly-line abortions" provided at Planned Parenthood of Delaware. "It was an absolute nightmare," Mitchell-Werbrich said. "I'm surprised more people haven't lost their lives there." Vasikonis spent more than 20 minutes detailing what she observed -- and tried in vain to fix -- last year at Planned Parenthood centers in Dover and Wilmington. The charges bore many similarities to the unsafe conditions at Kermit Gosnell's Philadelphia abortion facility: unsterilized instruments, faulty oxygen masks, untrained staff, disregard for patients, breaking privacy laws, and failure to report patient complications. Mitchell-Werbrich spent even longer on her testimony, saying she was angry that repeated attempts to draw attention to the dangerous conditions were ignored. She said state officials had continuously failed to take action until a Philadelphia television station reported on the story in April.


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