Pastor Saeed Removed From Iran's Evin Prison, Whereabouts Unknown

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Pastor Saeed Removed From Iran's Evin Prison, Whereabouts Unknown

Alarming news about the trial of American pastor Saeed Abedini in Iran has emerged, with his family sharing that he has been removed from Evin Prison without Iranian authorities disclosing his whereabouts, the Christian Post reports. After two days of trial, Iran's notorious "hanging judge" apparently told Abedini's lawyer that he would see to the pastor being moved from his current ward in Evin Prison in Tehran to another ward, where he would receive better medical treatment. But when his family attempted to visit him on Thursday at the prison, Iranian guards told them he was not there. His present location remains undisclosed, according to Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the American Center for Law and Justice, which is currently representing Abedini's wife and two children. "While Pastor Saeed is often able to call his family in Tehran on Wednesdays, they received no communication from him this past Wednesday," Sekulow said. "And when they went to visit him [Thursday] morning, they were told he was not there. ... We know that Pastor Saeed has undergone intense pains after beatings in interrogations while in his current prison ward, and a transfer would allow him to receive improved medical care. And while we and Pastor Saeed's family are hopeful that Pastor Saeed was transferred to ward 305, the fact that his whereabouts are unknown to his family and attorney is cause for concern."


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