Pastor in Lahore, Pakistan, Threatened for Evangelizing

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Pastor in Lahore, Pakistan, Threatened for Evangelizing

A 39-year-old pastor in Lahore, Pakistan, has been threatened for evangelizing in the Punjab province, ASSIST News Service reports. Kamran Gill has been working with various human rights organizations and denominations for development of youth and marginalized communities, emphasizing the importance of education. However, the locals are not in favor of educating the youth. "It is ironic that a person stands to educate the masses [and] instead they start threatening him," said Father John Samuel of the Lahore Diocese. "They are afraid to educate the youth and they fear that if they will become educated, they will start asking questions and they will start thinking on their own. Unfortunately, a few people in Pakistan want to keep the people covered with illiteracy, so that they can use them for their gain. ... We condemn such a violation of the basic human rights and we condemn the threats given to [Gill] for his work." Gill's wife passed away in Sept. 2011, leaving behind a 9-year-old daughter. The recent threats forced Gill to keep his daughter at home for fear that extremists may target her. A formal complaint has been lodged and police are investigating the matter.


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