Pastor and Family Executed in Syria as Violence Continues

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Pastor and Family Executed in Syria as Violence Continues

More than 30,000 have died in Syria's civil war, with innocent Christians continuing to become victims at the hand of radicals, Mission Network News reports. According to the Middle East director of Christian Aid Mission, bands of militant Islamists are responsible: "They're not necessarily Syrians, but they're very radical Muslims, and their goal is to eradicate Christians. They believe it's an abomination to have Christians within Syria." The director, who cannot reveal his identity for security reasons, cited a Christian Aid-supported pastor who was a recent victim. "There was a band of militia that came through and told all of the people to get out; then they went ahead and killed the pastor and his family. So there [are] quite a few now -- I think there are 11 [Christians] -- who have been killed in that one area from that ministry that we help." The director added: "All of the typical security that you would have in the country is trying to protect the country. They're not worried about providing police protection for the little communities around, and so the people are all vulnerable." Syrians continue to flee into Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey; it is estimated that more than 300,000 have now fled their homeland.


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