Parents Protest Radical Muslim Group Speaking to Students

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Parents Protest Radical Muslim Group Speaking to Students

Parents in Tampa, Fla., protested this week a decision by officials to invite a member of the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to speak to history students at a public high school last fall, reports. At a Hillsborough County school board meeting, dozens of protesters cited CAIR's past connection to the terrorist group Hamas and other terror financing cases -- concerns Middle East experts say are not unfounded. "We do not have a problem with Islamic groups speaking with students, but we do have an issue with a group that has ties to terrorism speaking," said Randall McDaniels of the Jacksonville chapter of ACT for America, a group seeking to stop CAIR members from speaking at public schools. CAIR spokesman Corey Saylor dismissed the criticism as "fear-mongering," and Hassan Shibly, the CAIR member who spoke to the students, said the parents were reflecting "hatred and animosity."


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