Pakistani Muslims Warn Christians Not to Celebrate Easter

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Pakistani Muslims Warn Christians Not to Celebrate Easter

April 4, 2012

Pakistan's Christian community has received threats and warnings from Islamic radicals against celebrating Easter, Asia News reports. In the Christian colony of Eidgah in Pakistan's Sarghoda District, Muslims defaced Easter signs and decorations with black paint and threatened Christians not to continue in their preparations. When the Christians went to local police to file a report, no one at the station would do it, instead telling the Christians to leave. Some Christians replaced the Easter decorations, but on Palm Sunday, Muslims destroyed them again in another raid and threatened punishment against the Christian community. "For years, colony residents have come together to prepare Holy Week," said local resident Yasir Masih. "For years, we have been threatened. Even though we reported it to the authorities, they didn't take it seriously. This year, [the Muslims] have come to our streets and threatened us. We are not safe, and we are scared."


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