Pakistani Christian Accused of 'Blasphemy' After Billiards Dispute

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Pakistani Christian Accused of 'Blasphemy' After Billiards Dispute

Police in Pakistan have charged a young Christian man with "blasphemy" after he had an argument with Muslims over a billiards game in Punjab Province's Sheikhupura district, Compass Direct News reports. Farooqabad police arrested Sajid Inayat, 20, on May 18 and charged him with desecrating the Quran under the country's controversial blasphemy laws after area young men accused him of setting on fire "holy pages" placed in a box on an electricity pole. Inayat was charged under Section 295-B, which makes willful desecration of the Quran or use of an extract in a derogatory manner punishable with life imprisonment. Inayat's cousin, Irfan Manzoor, said Inayat had been falsely accused because he had had an argument with some local Muslim boys over a billiards game just two days before the alleged incident. Sheikhupura police officer Haider Ashraf said authorities had sent Inayat to jail on judicial remand; he said the matter was serious and that police were investigating from all angles. There are no witnesses to the charges made against Inayat.


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