Opposition to Obama's Religious Voter Outreach Efforts

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Opposition to Obama's Religious Voter Outreach Efforts

Following a Democratic National Committee announcement last week of new efforts to conduct religious voter outreach in support of President Obama in the 2012 election, Family Research Council Action president Tony Perkins disputed the efforts, responding that Obama would likely find little support among Christian voters, the Christian Newswire reports. A Barna Research survey shows that Obama only has a 6-percent favorability rating among evangelicals, and Perkins said: "Real outreach would be defending life and marriage. It means encouraging the freedom of religion over the freedom of worship. And most importantly, real outreach is not only mastering the language of faith but giving it voice in public policy." Perkins said the FRC was embarking on a mission to inform Christian voters that "what America needs is a president that will help make America militarily strong and secure, economically prosperous and free, and socially healthy and virtuous."


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