One Killed, Six Injured in Land-Grab Attack in Pakistan

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One Killed, Six Injured in Land-Grab Attack in Pakistan

A group of Pakistani Christians were attacked by influential Muslims during a land-grab, resulting in one person being killed, another seriously injured, five others less seriously hurt and one kidnapped, ASSIST News Service reports. Some of the injured Christians were transferred to the Civil Hospital in Phool Nagar, while those with serious bullet wounds were admitted to Lahore's Jinah Hospital. According to Global Christian Voice, the attackers occupied 40 acres of land belonging to Christians while police made excuses not to arrest the alleged perpetrators. One source said in the last few years, Muslims had made several attempts to seize land from Christians, usually succeeding because Christians are a marginalized minority. On the other hand, Global Christian Voice said, Muslims carry out illegal activities with impunity. Christians in the area are still in shock, fearing further attacks by the land-grabbers and concerned about the way they have been treated by the police.


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