Olympics Art Show Features Faith-Inspired Painting

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Olympics Art Show Features Faith-Inspired Painting

Christian artist Leighton Autrey is just one of four American artists whose work is being displayed at the 2012 Olympics Art Show in London, the Christian Post reports. Autrey’s piece, titled “Wavering, James 1:2-8,” depicts a man being thrown by a large wave, which Autrey says represents the man’s doubt. “That’s what happens if you doubt God and doubt yourself and doubt your abilities that God gave you,” Autrey said. “You have to trust in Him and trust in what He’s given you, and, if you do, you will prosper.” Prior to his work as an artist, Autrey was headed toward a career in professional baseball. Shortly after getting drafted by the Seattle Mariners, however, a family crisis caused him to rethink a career in art. Only 12 works of art were accepted into the London Olympics art show.


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