Obama and Romney Deadlocked Ahead of Vote

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Obama and Romney Deadlocked Ahead of Vote

As President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney made last-minute appeals to voters in key states on Monday, new polls forecast a down-to-the-wire election with both sides claiming they have the momentum to win, the Wall Street Journal reports. A new national Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll of likely voters found the two candidates caught in a dead heat -- Obama led Romney by 48 to 47 percent, a difference of seven voters among a pool of 1,475 surveyed. Polls in many battleground states, from Virginia and Ohio to New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and even Michigan, also portrayed a race that is tightening as it comes to a close. "I could make a compelling case for either of these candidates winning the national vote," said Bill McInturff, a Republican pollster who conducted the Wall Street Journal polls alongside Democratic pollster Peter Hart. "This election will be determined by turnout, turnout, turnout," Hart added.


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