No Deaths Reported in Mexico 7.4-Magnitude Earthquake

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No Deaths Reported in Mexico 7.4-Magnitude Earthquake

March 22, 2012

A powerful 7.4-magnitude earthquake that shook Mexico Monday afternoon damaged hundreds of homes and sent thousands of people running outside to the streets in fear, yet apparently didn't cause a single death, the Kansas City Star reports. As of Wednesday, there were no reports of any casualties from the quake -- centered near the border between the southern states of Oaxaca and Guerrero -- even after 10 aftershocks. According to the Mexican government, two people were injured in Mexico City and nine in Oaxaca, hundreds of homes were damaged or destroyed, and about 300,000 were left without water because of two damaged aqueducts. Authorities said the absence of tall buildings in the mountainous, rural area was one reason for the lack of casualties. Mexico has sent emergency crews to the affected areas to help with cleanup.


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