New Horrors in Syria Prompt Waves of Refugees to Flee

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New Horrors in Syria Prompt Waves of Refugees to Flee

The recent horrors of finding yet another mass grave in an Aleppo canal are part of what's driving more people toward Syria's borders, Mission Network News reports. After 22 months of civil war, the death toll now exceeds 60,000, and the United Nations can't keep up with the "unrelenting flow" of families fleeing violence. The number of documented refugees has topped 700,000 -- and more than 3,000 crossed into Jordan on Monday alone. "Food is scarce, children can't go to school, families can't live, for fear of their lives," says Jeff Palmer, CEO of Baptist Global Response. "So, now we have more people flooding outside the country. We have more internally displaced people inside the country and it's just chaos." If nothing changes, there will be over a million internally displaced people and over half a million scattered throughout the border countries of Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan. "When this started over a year ago, everybody thought it was going to be short-lived," Palmer said. "Here we are, well over a year into it, and it just continues to grow and escalate."


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