Muslim Brotherhood's Egypt Win Boosts Islamic Global Agenda

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Muslim Brotherhood's Egypt Win Boosts Islamic Global Agenda

According to Dori Gold, Israel's former ambassador to the U.N., the victory of Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi in Egypt will be felt far beyond the country, CBN News reports. "[It] is really a regional earthquake in the Middle East," Gold said. "The Muslim Brotherhood is going to give a shot of adrenaline to radical Islamic groups across the world, particularly in the Middle East but also in Europe. ... The Muslim Brotherhood to the untrained ear sounds like a fraternity in Vermont. It isn't. It's an organization that was founded in 1928 to restore the centrality of Islam in Egyptian life." Today, the Brotherhood is global and behind terror groups like Hamas, the Palestinian faction controlling the Gaza Strip. "The ultimate agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood is pretty clear," Gold said. "They speak about it, although not on American network television. The actual goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to re-establish the caliphate -- a global caliphate." While the Muslim Brotherhood still faces some resistance in Egypt, former Israeli ambassador to Egypt Zvi Mazel fears the group only used the election as a tool to take power. "The agenda is to impose Islam on Egypt," he said.


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