More Than 230 Dead, 1,300 Injured in Turkey Quake

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More Than 230 Dead, 1,300 Injured in Turkey Quake

More than 230 people are dead and 1,300 are injured after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit eastern Turkey, one of the nation's poorest regions, on Sunday, CNN reports. Numerous aftershocks -- the largest a magnitude 6.0 -- rattled the area, and now rescue workers and the military are searching through piles of rubble to find survivors. A total of 970 buildings collapsed, including a health services building, 25 apartments, a student dormitory and part of a hospital. Rescuers and survivors contended with near-freezing temperatures early Monday amid widespread power and gas outages, but officials hope to restore electricity by Monday night. Crisis centers and tent hospitals have been set up, and already rescue teams have come from as far as Iran and Azerbaijan.


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