Military Ousts Morsi in Egypt Coup

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Military Ousts Morsi in Egypt Coup

Egypt's top military commander says the army is now in full control of the country and President Mohammed Morsi has been replaced by the chief justice of the constitutional court as the interim head of state, Fox News reports. Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi made the announcements in a Wednesday night speech -- the latest twist in an all-out power struggle inside Egypt that Morsi's national security adviser is describing as a military coup. El-Sissi said Morsi had failed to meet the demands of Egypt's people, and that the country's constitution has been temporarily suspended. Fireworks and cheers erupted from the millions gathered in Tahrir Square after the announcement was made. Top military officials and opposition leaders met Wednesday and agreed on a political roadmap for the country's future, el-Sissi said. A new presidential cabinet will be formed as well as a national reconciliation committee, which will include youth movements that have been behind anti-Morsi demonstrations. Morsi's response was not immediately known, but an aide says he has been moved to an undisclosed location.


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