Jewish Voters Still Favoring Obama

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Jewish Voters Still Favoring Obama

According to the Gallup daily tracking poll between July 1 and Sept. 10, 70 percent of registered Jewish voters plan to vote for Obama versus 25 percent for Romney, the Religion News Service reports. In the spring, polls showed Obama up 64 to 25 percent against a generic GOP candidate. Obama's campaign has been sending Jewish politicians, including Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz, into battleground states with large Jewish communities, and has also armed volunteers in Jewish communities with talking points to counter Romney's criticisms of Obama. Romney's central pitch to Jewish voters if that Obama has been less than a faithful friend to Israel; he has accused Obama of failing to understand the urgency of stopping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, vowing to do the "exact opposite" in his relations with Israel if he is elected, and notes Obama's tense relationship with prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Though Obama's campaign is expressing confidence that they have been able to keep Jewish voters, Republican advisers note that Romney's standing with Jewish voters is a marked gain over McCain's in 2008: "If we go higher than 25 percent, that is good news for the Republicans," said Tevi Troy, a Romney foreign-policy adviser.


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