Jamie Foxx Calls Barack Obama 'Our Lord and Savior'

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Jamie Foxx Calls Barack Obama 'Our Lord and Savior'

Appearing on Sunday night's Soul Train awards in Las Vegas, Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx called Barack Obama "our lord and savior," Examiner.com reports. "It's like church over here," he said. "It's like church in here. First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama. Barack Obama." Examiner notes that since the 2008 election, several have attempted to deify Obama. In November 2010, Newsweek declared him "god of all things" on its cover, and first lady Michelle Obama once said of her husband, "This president has brought us out of the dark and into the light." During the 2012 Democratic National Convention, a poster was sold that called Obama "prophesy fulfilled," and a calendar at the event appeared to compare Obama to Jesus. Most recently, a book written by Florida A&M professor Barbara A. Taylor called Obama an "apostle" sent by God to create a political heaven on earth.


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