Islamists Behead Egyptian Christian

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Islamists Behead Egyptian Christian

Another Christian has been killed in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. Magdy Habashi, 60, was kidnapped last Saturday by suspected Islamic jihadists, and his decapitated body was found Thursday morning in a cemetery, CBN News reports. Habashi is the second Christian to be killed in the region. Last week, a Coptic priest, Father Mina Aboud Sharobeel, 39, was gunned down as he walked in an outdoor market in the town of El Arish, about 30 miles from the border with Israel. Egyptian Christians are facing growing retaliation for opposing ousted President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Days after the Egyptian military insisted that Morsi step down in what has been called a democratic rather than a military coup, Muslim extremists burned dozens of Christian homes and stabbed four believers to death in southern Egypt.


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