Indonesia: Two Evangelists Arrested and Beaten

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Indonesia: Two Evangelists Arrested and Beaten

Two evangelists were arrested and beaten after meeting with a Muslim woman on Indonesia's Sumatra island, Voice of the Martyrs reports. The evangelists, Roy and Ribur, were accused of coercing the woman, from a Muslim-majority area, to be baptized. The pair had met with her previously and asked her to join their church, then were invited to her home on May 28 for further discussion. But when the evangelists mentioned Jesus Christ, the woman appeared confused and went outside to talk to her neighbor. She eventually went to the village head to report that there were Christians in the village. Roy and Ribur were brought before the village head, who confiscated their bags containing gospel tracts, a list of new believers and a water bottle that was believed to be used for baptisms. News of the "forced baptism" quickly spread, and a mob that had gathered outside the village leader's office began to beat Roy and Ribur. Police intervened and arrested the two evangelists.


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