Hobby Lobby Claims It Can Delay Contraceptive Coverage Rule, Fine

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Hobby Lobby Claims It Can Delay Contraceptive Coverage Rule, Fine

The Christian-owned arts-and-crafts chain Hobby Lobby may have bought itself a few extra months as it battles against the Obamacare mandate to provide emergency contraceptive coverage, according to Fox News. An attorney for Hobby Lobby says the company has found a way to delay the effective date of the mandate and, in turn, avoid the fines that would be imposed for not complying -- at least for now. Peter Dobelbower said Thursday the company would shift the plan year for employee health insurance, which will delay by several months the Jan. 1 effective date of the requirement. "Hobby Lobby does not provide coverage for abortion-inducing drugs in its healthcare plan," he said. "Hobby Lobby will continue to vigorously defend its religious liberty and oppose the mandate and any penalties." Hobby Lobby sued to overturn the mandate on groups that it violates the religious beliefs of founder and CEO David Green and his family. The Greens say requiring insurance for the "morning-after" and "week-after" pills forces them to either violate their religious beliefs or face fines of up to $1.3 million per day. U.S. Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor recently denied the company's request for an injunction while the lawsuit is pending.


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