India: Hindu Extremists Severely Beat Christians With Flashlights

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India: Hindu Extremists Severely Beat Christians With Flashlights

Forty armed Hindu radicals in India barged into the home of a convert from Hinduism to Christianity on June 9 to forcibly re-convert him, International Christian Concern reports. Christian convert Manesor Rabha had been living in hiding, aware that there was a threat on his life for his conversion. His home was being protected by two fellow believers, Michael Rabha and Prashanto Rabha. The extremists took the two men, along with Manesor's wife, Mala, to the village club house, where they interrogated them and told them to recant their faith. When they refused, the extremists beat them severely with large flashlights. All three sustained serious injuries, Prashanto left barely breathing, and were taken to the hospital. The government is providing security to the victims, who are being kept in isolation in the hospital and are not allowed to see visitors. ICC confirmed that many believers in Manesor's village have fled persecution to go to safe places. Their houses were broken into, cattle were stolen and belongings were destroyed or looted. "While we are encouraged that the government is actively working to protect these victims, it is imperative that the perpetrators are brought to justice," said Corey Bailey, ICC regional manager for Asia. "Unfortunately, more often than not, the radicals operate with impunity."


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