Growth of Christianity in Iran 'Explosive'

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Growth of Christianity in Iran 'Explosive'

March 23, 2012

The number of Muslims coming to Christ from Islam -- often called Muslim Background Believers or Secret Believers -- is growing faster and faster in Iran, especially among young people, Open Doors USA reports. Forty years ago, an estimated 200 Muslim Background Believers were living in Iran, but today the number is around 370,000. The growth is happening in all regions, but mostly in Iran's larger cities, and the house church movement has triggered many secret meetings. According to Open Doors workers, the growth of Christianity "has everything to do with Iranians getting to know the real face of Islam, the official religion of Iran, and the mistrust of the people toward the government and leaders." Open Doors is using discipleship training to strengthen the Iranian church, and many are also coming to Christ through Christian programming on satellite TV. The government of Iran sees Christianity as a threat, but despite increasing crackdowns in attempts to stop the growth, the network of Iranian Christians has only become stronger.


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