GLAAD Continues Push for Boy Scouts to Allow Openly Homosexual Leaders

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GLAAD Continues Push for Boy Scouts to Allow Openly Homosexual Leaders

A prominent homosexual advocacy group is continuing its push to end the ban on openly gay leaders in the Boy Scouts of America, the Christian News Network reports. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) states that while it applauds the recent vote to allow avowed homosexual youth as Scouts, it believes the remaining ban on openly homosexual leaders should be repealed. The organization has been using an online effort to prompt further changes in the Scouts. "The Boy Scouts of America voted to end its ban on gay scouts, which is a huge victory for gay youth," GLAAD wrote on its website. "But gay scout leaders ... are still banned from scouting. It's time to keep up the pressure! GLAAD needs your help to make sure gay parents and adults are also able to participate." However, others continue to express deep concerns over such policy changes. Rob Schwarzwalder, senior vice president of the Family Research Council, told reporters it was dangerous to place men that have sexual attraction toward those of the same gender in charge of juvenile boys. "As a father, I wouldn't want my sons to go on a camping trip with a teenage girl and stay in the same tent," he said. "Similarly, I think it's unwise to put boys or young men in a tent with boys or young men who are homosexual."


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