Girl Scouts' Admitting of Boy Draws Backlash

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Girl Scouts' Admitting of Boy Draws Backlash

December 15, 2011

Girl Scouts USA's recent revelation that its local chapters sometimes induct transgender children -- boys who live as girls -- has caused repercussions around the country, such as in Louisiana, where three troops at a Christian school have disbanded because the policy conflicted with the school's beliefs, Baptist Press reports. The issue came to light last month when a Denver, Colo., mother sought to enroll her 7-year-old son in the local Girl Scouts chapter; this led to the revelation that the Girl Scouts evaluated the admission of transgendered children on a case-by-case basis. Jeff Johnston of Focus on the Family said the practice of admitting transgendered children "creates confusion" and would lead to growing societal confusion about gender. "It's part of biblical truth that God made us male and female in His image," he said.


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