Gay Activists Demand Tebow Cancel Speech at Liberty University

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Gay Activists Demand Tebow Cancel Speech at Liberty University

Gay rights activists are demanding Tim Tebow back out of a speaking engagement at Liberty University just two weeks after pressuring the New York Jets quarterback to cancel an appearance at First Baptist Church of Dallas, Todd Starnes reports. Tebow is expected to speak this weekend at Wildfire, a men's conference hosted by the conservative Christian university, and his remarks will be closed to the general public. Tebow is well-known for sharing his faith in Christ, but in recent weeks he has come under fire from the media and gay rights activists for speaking in churches that follow biblical teaching. More than 10,000 people have signed a petition launched by Faithful America calling on the quarterback to cancel his speech, and the Huffington Post, which called Liberty a "notoriously conservative private college with an anti-gay reputation," said, "Due to Liberty University's reputation for intolerance toward the LGBT community, some might interpret the athlete's appearance as a tacit acknowledgment of similar values." Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality is urging Liberty and Tebow to stand firm -- and warned that homosexual activists cannot be appeased. "Their goal is to marginalize and to discredit Christians," LaBarbera said. "If [Tebow] cancels this appearance at Liberty University under pressure from the gay lobby, I think his credibility is going to suffer a ton." The university declined to address the controversy.


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