Five Quake Survivors Pulled Out Alive in Turkey

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Five Quake Survivors Pulled Out Alive in Turkey

Five people were pulled alive from the rubble Monday, four saved when one man managed to call for help on his cell phone and one saved later by rescuers, the day after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck eastern Turkey, leveling hundreds of buildings and trapping dozens in the debris, the Associated Press reports. Twenty hours after the quake hit, Yalcin Akay was dug out from a collapsed six-story building with a leg injury after he called a police emergency line and described his location. Three others, including two children, were rescued from the same building. Seven hours later, 21-year-old Tugba Altinkaynak was also found and rescued from the rubble. Rescuers continued to search for the missing throughout the night with generator-powered floodlights and cranes while more than 200 aftershocks rocked the area.



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